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How do I choose the right continence underwear?

Underwear , Incontinence
Whether you need bladder and/or bowel protection, you should consider the absorbency, size and type of the continence undergarment that will ensure that your skin remains dry and hygienic at…
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Need extra Absorbency and Leak Protection? How and When to Use Medline Double Up Booster Pad

Incontinence , Underwear
From time to time you may need to boost the absorbency and leak protection of your regular continence underwear. You may need extra coverage Overnight, when Travelling, Shopping, attending an…
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How to stop bedwetting naturally?

Bedwetting Alarms , Blog
Bedwetting Alarm Program Malem Alarms have been in use for 30 years and have been constantly developed and improved. They have won numerous awards, been proven in clinical trials and…
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Which Type of Underwear Is Most Suitable For My Needs?

Blog , Underwear
Aleva® offers a comprehensive range of incontinence underwear in washable and disposable styles. Washable cotton jersey underwear is best suited to low levels of urinary incontinence, whereas for higher levels…
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Aleva & the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS

Blog , NDIS
Aleva is a nationally registered NDIS provider. We offer consumables and continence products that are funded under the NDIS. We offer reusable absorbent & waterproof bed and chair pads; waterproof…
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The role of vital skin

The Vital Role of Skin

Blog , Personal Care
Moving beyond soap and water Skincare basics include cleansing, moisturising and protecting the skin. Historically, this was done with soap, water and other affordable product. Now we know that soap…
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