Which Type of Underwear Is Most Suitable For My Needs?

Aleva® offers a comprehensive range of incontinence underwear in washable and disposable styles. Washable cotton jersey underwear is best suited to low levels of urinary incontinence, whereas for higher levels and for faecal incontinence, disposables are best.

The range of washable products feature sewn-in absorbent pads and waterproof linings to contain leakage. The absorbency ranges up to 150mls. Which is less than a cup full (250mls).

This can be increased by 450mls with the addition of an ultra-thin but highly absorbent disposable booster pad, Medline Double Up.

For women this range is available in low/mid waisted or high waisted/full brief shapes. For men the choice is between a boxer/trunk and a traditional full brief style. For kids there is a unisex mid-waisted, pull up style.

Disposables come in various styles and capacities according to needs. More information is available under the category and style pages on the website.

Bladder Control Pads are usually for light to moderate urinary output. These can be worn inside regular underwear or mesh fix pants to secure them in place.

Liners offer moderate to maximum urinary and/or bowel incontinence.

Pull-Ups sit at the mid-level of urinary capacity and can also be used for light and occasional bowel episodes. Pull-ups offer an easy to self-manage style which can be worn on their own or with a mesh pant to for additional support. Available in both adult and youth sizes.

Briefs have adhesive side-tabs and can accommodate heavy to severe urinary releases and bowel incontinence. They usually require assistance to fit firmly and are also recommended where a person has limited or no mobility.


Now that you know which type of underwear is most suitable for you, find your correct underwear size.

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