Aleva is a registered national NDIS provider (#4050006497)

Aleva’s registration is for Core Supports within Assistive Products for Personal Care & Safety Australia-wide. If your goals include Daily Living our products help you achieve them.

Aleva offers Continence Care Products and other Consumables including:

Bed & Chair Protectors – Advanced Washable Textiles & Disposable Under-pads

Incontinence Underwear – Washable & Disposable for Adults & Children

Bedwetting Alarms, Reminder Watches & Bladder Stimulators

Skin Care, Bathing Wipes & Flushable Wipes

Advanced Wound Care

Personal Protective Equipment including Face Masks, Isolation Gowns, Gloves

How to create your Aleva Account and Place your Order – Online or over the phone 1300 253 821

Before you, your nominee or Support Co-Ordinator can place an NDIS order, we need to create an Aleva/NDIS account in your name (see checklist below).

We cater for Agency, Plan Managed and Self Managed NDIS funding. Simply complete the registration process by NDIS Plan type here or call Aleva Customer Care with your information. Our Product Specialists offer a personalised service and are available Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm (EST) to discuss your product needs, create an account and place orders. 

Placing Your Online Order

Log onto via the NDIS Account tab with your Username and password provided when you created your account. Simply load the cart with your product selection and confirm your order. 

Self Managed accounts – can either pay immediately using PayPal or Credit Card or elect the Purchase Order option. We will email the tax invoice back to you for lodgement on the portal, if you select the Purchase Order Option. Your order is shipped immediately after payment has been received.

Plan Managed accounts – we auto-email the tax invoice to your Plan Manager for payment. If you have a Support Co-Ordinator we also auto-email confirmation of the order to them. Your order is shipped immediately after payment has been received.

Agency (NDIA) Managed accounts – we will complete a Service Booking for your order in the NDIA portal and claim payment after we have shipped it. If you have a Support Co-Ordinator we will auto-email confirmation of the order to them.


Checklist of information needed to create an account

Participants: First Name, Last Name, NDIS number, Date of Birth, Phone Number (if available), Email Address (if available), Delivery Address

Addressees Name and Phone Number (if different from the participant’s name)

Plan Type – Agency, Plan or Self

If Plan Managed, the name of the Plan Manager Group

Support Co-Ordinator’s Name and Email Address (if applicable)










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