What Is My Correct Underwear Size?

Washable Underwear for Women, Kids and Men

It is important that the correct size is obtained for your comfort and for the sewn in pad to be effective. The leg closure needs to be reasonably firm to hold the pad in place so that it does not leak.

We can assist you to establish the best size for your needs. Aleva welcomes calls to discuss the fitting of briefs. The first thing to do is to view the size chart on our website, which appears on the same page as an individual style selection.

For women it is better to take two measurements, both hip and waist size and compare your measurements to the chart. The measurements showing against each size are indicative of the range for each of the hip and waist. However, if your waist measurement is closer to your hip size than the chart indicates then you can be guided by the hip measurement. If your hips are relatively narrow then the waist measurement may be a better guide. Your usual dress, pants or underwear sizing (eg 14 or 16) is a good indication for which size is most suitable.

In the case of men’s sizing it is best to take the measurement just below the top of the hip bone, effectively the line where a waistband or belt would normally sit. This is often lower than the waistline. Accordingly, the men’s sizes refer to hip measurement.

For children waist and hip measurements are typically fairly close and this is reflected in the size chart.

Additional assistance is provided on the Aleva Customer Care line – 1300 253 821

It is advisable that a purchase is checked before trying on. It is fine for a garment to be taken out of the pack for checking against a pair of briefs that you know fit the wearer comfortably. If at that point, either the style or the size is not suitable we can consider exchange. Once a garment has been tried on it can’t be exchanged or credited. Please refer to the Aleva Returns Policy to check the details for a request to return items. 

Disposable Underwear

Sizing is by waist size for adults and weight for toddlers and young children. As everybody’s anatomy is a little different it is advisable to sample products for best fit, containment and comfort before buying bulk quantities. You can request a sample by calling Aleva Customer Care – 1300 253 821.

Now that you know about the correct underwear size, discover which type of underwear is most suitable for you.

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