How Do Bedwetting Alarms Work?

Bedwetting Alarms function when the child starts to wet so they wake up and use the bathroom. This process teaches the brain to respond to a full bladder, even during deep sleep, so that bedwetting becomes less frequent. It requires a conscious effort by the child to switch off the alarm rather than ignore it. With consistent use most achieve achieve permanent night time dryness within 3 months.

Night Time Dryness is best achieved when parents and children work together

Dr H Malem, PhD, the creator of Malem Alarms, has established a number of Golden Rules for success:

  • the child is 100% motivated and wants to be dry
  • the child understands that waking up to the alarm as soon as it sounds is the treatment
  • parents must initially help the child to wake up when they hear the alarm as most children, including the dry ones, sleep soundly and deeply
  • the child should drink as much as he/she likes
  • parents should not take a sleeping child to the bathroom to empty their bladder
  • no nappies or pull-ups should be used
  • parents must praise and support the child
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