Which Bed Pad Should I Purchase?

Want to know more about incontinence bed pads? You’ve come to the right place. Bed Pads are designed to both absorb liquid and protect bed linen and mattresses. All Aleva® washable Bed Pads are both absorbent and waterproof. They are intended for personal care and comfort by wicking liquid away from the body to keep you feeling dry.

The first consideration when selecting a Bed Pad is to understand the needs of the user. For example, does the user suffer from high or moderate urinary incontinence, or light or occasional  leakage. For severe urinary incontinence the highest possible absorption capacity should be selected Aleva® 3 Litre per square metre, 5-layer product, available in a 1×1 metre with 45 cm tuck in wings and a 1 metre x 1.4 metre size with wings, which absorbs up to 4 litres of liquid. For low level leakage, the lower absorption capacity would be suitable. Aleva® 2.6 Litre per square metre, 4-layer 1 x 1 metre with wings; which in an 85 x 90 cm size, absorbs up to 2 Litres of liquid. It should be noted that in the Aleva® range of Bed Pads, the higher capacity products feature an additional layer of absorbent material and this makes the “wicking” process even more powerful, which enhances the feel-dry comfort factor.

Is it better to have tuck-in wings or not? Generally the tuck in wings will hold the Bed Pad more firmly in place than without; though all Aleva® Bed Pads do have a slip resistant base. The Aleva® bound edge 85 x 9o cms size without wings is perfect for a small child in a Single (92 cms wide) or King Single bed (107 cms wide.). If the child moves around a lot during the night, then the 45cm tuck-in wings present on our larger pads will help to secure it. In larger beds (Double 137cms, wide Queen 135 cms wide or King 180 cms wide) the wings can be laid flat to the sides or if the Bed Pad is positioned to one side of the bed, that wing can be tucked under the mattress and the other left free or tucked under itself.

If the user is sharing the bed, then it is important to restrict any dampness to their side of the bed. In this case following the guide above, the pads should be positioned to the user’s side of the bed.    

Washable Bed Pads can cope with very light and occasional faecal releases, however they may stain. Disposable bed pad protection is more effective for bowel incontinence and easier to manage.

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