How do I choose the right continence underwear?

Whether you need bladder and/or bowel protection, you should consider the absorbency, size and type of the continence undergarment that will ensure that your skin remains dry and hygienic at all times. Also if your day and night time needs differ, you will potentially need more than one product to meet specific needs.


Leakage volumes can range from light, moderate through to heavy, that is 100mls through to more than 2000mls. As a guide, a cup holds 250mls and an adult bladder can typically hold between 300-500mls. Multiple releases over a 24 hour period may require a continence pad with 2000mls (2 litres) of working capacity. Working capacity is the volume of liquid a pad will comfortably contain before it starts to leak.


Washable continence pants are typically designed to match the anatomy of Women and Men and are sized accordingly, identified as Size 8 through to 24 for Women and X-Small through to 5XL for Men, based on waist and hip measurements.  Washable continence pants for Children are likely to be designed as Unisex and Size is quoted by Age with supporting waist and hip measurements provided.

Disposable pads, pants, liners and briefs are typically designed as Unisex garments. Anatomically designed shields and guards for men and boys are also available. Multiple sizes are quoted in a range from X-Small through to 4-XL (Bariatric). Pull-up and brief underwear products will quote a waist range in centimetres (cms).

Types of continence protectors
Washable Underwear for Bladder Leakage

See Caretex high quality fashionable cotton underwear with a sewn-in absorbent and waterproof pad for men, women or children who experience light bladder leakage here. Easycare, machine washable and line or tumble-dried. 

Disposable Products for Bladder & Bowel Incontinence

Download a Summary of the range of Disposable Pads, Pants, Liners & Briefs here.


Cloth-like outer cover provides soft feeling on skin with discreet fit. Elastic leg gathers to help prevent leaks. Super absorbent core keeps moisture away from skin and controls odours. Unisex pads can be worn discreetly in regular underwear.

Guards for Men & Boys

Disposable protectors with adhesive strip to hold liner inside regular underwear. Soft breathable back sheet and super absorbent core for fast absorption.

Booster Pads

Add up to an extra 450mls absorbency to the full range of personal protectors for extra protection. Ultrathin technology incorporates a super absorbent polymer to keep fluid away from the skin and control odours. Adhesive strip keeps it in place.

Pull-Up Style Underwear

Unisex adult and youth pull-ons function like regular underwear. Super-absorbent core and soft anti-leak guards help keep moisture away from the skin and control odour. Body-contoured design and cloth like outer cover.

Liners & Fix Pants

Unisex Liners with 4-D core with odour protection for super absorbency and cloth like back-sheet and low profile core for improved comfort & fit. Liners can be worn with Fix Pants or regular underwear.

Tab-Style Briefs

The highest level of absorbency for youth & adults with skin safe re-fastenable tabs. High-performance core to keep wearer dry for long periods. Soft ant-leak guards and moisture alert wetness indicator disappears when garment is soiled.

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