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How do I choose the right continence underwear?

Underwear , Incontinence
Whether you need bladder and/or bowel protection, you should consider the absorbency, size and type of the continence undergarment that will ensure that your skin remains dry and hygienic at…
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Need extra Absorbency and Leak Protection? How and When to Use Medline Double Up Booster Pad

Incontinence , Underwear
From time to time you may need to boost the absorbency and leak protection of your regular continence underwear. You may need extra coverage Overnight, when Travelling, Shopping, attending an…
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You’re Not Alone!

Blog , Incontinence
Nearly a quarter of all Australians will suffer from incontinence at some stage in their adult life. This can range from Light Bladder Leakage (lbl) to permanent and severe loss…
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