Need extra Absorbency and Leak Protection? How and When to Use Medline Double Up Booster Pad

From time to time you may need to boost the absorbency and leak protection of your regular continence underwear. You may need extra coverage Overnight, when Travelling, Shopping, attending an Appointment or for that Special Occasion.

Boost absorbency

Medline® Double Up disposable Booster Pads are designed:

  • For an instant increase in absorbency of any personal continence underwear
  • To be worn with your regular continence pant, pad or pull-up because they are not waterproof (just lay them on top of the absorbent pad of your pant)
  • With Ultra-thin technology and a super-absorbent polymer for dryness and odour protection
  • With soft material that is comfortable and gentle on the skin (and Latex-free)
  • With a full length adhesive strip to keep it in place
  • To be easily inserted, removed and replaced when required
  • For your convenience as they are Individually wrapped (for purse or pocket)

How does it work?

Medline’s slim-line Double Up Booster Pad will absorb up to 450mls and because it is not waterproof, excess urine will pass through it, to be absorbed by your regular washable or disposable continence pant, disposable pad, pull-up or brief.  Easily inserted and replaced, your continence pants, pull-ups or briefs stay dryer longer and do not have to be changed as frequently.

Stay dry and comfortable overnight

When used with your regular protector overnight, the extra absorbency and leak protection will ensure a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

Be confident and secure during the day

When used with your regular protector during the day, Double Up Booster will provide extra confidence and security, especially when travelling away from home. 

Extend the life of your regular continence underwear

Changing the Double Up Booster pad is easy. Simply remove it from your pant, pull-up or brief and replace it with a new one.

Wear Medline’s Double-Up with Caretex® Women’s Camellia cotton pant and/or Caretex Men’s Boxer and boost absorption from 150mls up to 600mls. Wear Medline’s Double Up with Medline’s Protection Plus Extended Wear Large and boost absorption from 1455mls up to 1905mls.


Medline’s Double Up Booster Pad should not be confused with an absorbent pad or liner which incorporates waterproof protection. For more information on pads and liners see When to Use a Pad and When to Use a Liner.

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