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Malem Bedwetting Alarms
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Malem Bedwetting Alarms

Malem Bedwetting Alarms proven to cure bedwetting 

Award winning Malem Enuresis Alarms

Malem Alarms have been in use for 30 years and have been constantly developed and improved. Malem Medical is the world's largest manufacturer of bedwetting alarms.

They have won numerous awards, been proven in clinical trials and are recommended by doctors and paediatricians around the world. They are easy to use, ergonomically designed, durable, safe and reliable. They offer an economical way of curing bedwetting.

Enuresis alarms are universally regarded as the first line of treatment before alternatives and have the highest cure rate and lowest relapse rate of any intervention. Clinical trials show success rates of around 70% within 12-16 weeks. Clinicians define success as 14 consecutive dry nights.

Multiple models are available including wearable, wireless or a bed-mat version

A wide choice of features are available to suit the specific needs of the child. These include a range of auditory tones, volume control, the ability to record, flashing lights and vibrations. 

Included with every Malem bedwetting alarm are moisture detecting sensors, detailed instructions for use, charts to track progress and batteries.

For the self management of daytime wetting for children over five years of age, the Malem Vibro Watch provides a gentle vibrating alarm reminder at pre programmed times to use the toilet.

Malem alarms come with a 6 month warranty. Malem alarms have set the standard for safety and meet the British Standard BS 5724(IEC601). They carry the CE Mark and are registered medical devices with the Australian TGA. 

Important NoteMalem alarms are not intended to cure bedwetting caused by organic or physiological disorders, such as diabetes or kidney ailments. If in doubt, please consult your GP or specialist.

Kid's bedwetting (enuresis) is natural

We all start life as bedwetters and learn to become dry; it is a skill we acquire like learning to talk and walk. Children acquire these skills at different times and usually they start to become dry after the age of 18 months. By the age of 5 years about 90% of children are dry and by the age of 10 years, about 95% are dry. For school aged children who are still bedwetting more than 2 to 3 times a week, it is important for both parents and children to address the issue positively together to minimise anxiety and the potential impact on the child's well being. Reward and encouragement, rather than punishment or making fun of a child, will lead to successful outcomes and this requires the whole family to be supportive.

Why use a bedwetting alarm?

Clinical tests have proven that a high quality bedwetting alarm is an effective cure for bedwetting in children who have no other pre-dispositions. Around the world, doctors and health authorities, such as the UK's National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend bedwetting alarms as the first line of treatment before alternative remedies such as prescription drugs. They have no side effects and are non-invasive.

How bedwetting alarms work

Bedwetting alarms function when your child starts to wet so they wake up and use the bathroom. This process teaches the brain to respond to a full bladder, even during deep sleep, so that bedwetting becomes less frequent. It requires a conscious effort by the child to switch off the alarm rather than ignore it. With consistent use most children achieve permanent night time dryness within 3 months.

Night time dryness best achieved when parents and children work together

The creator of Malem Alarms, Dr H Malem PhD. has established a number of Golden Rules for success.

These include:

the child is 100% motivated and wants to be dry

the child understands that waking up to the alarm as soon as it sounds, is the treatment

parents must initially help the child to wake up when they hear the alarm as all children, including the dry ones, sleep soundly and deeply

the child should drink as much as he/she likes

parents should not take a sleeping child to the bathroom to empty their bladder

no nappies or pull-ups should be used

parents must praise and support the child

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Malem Enuresis Alarms are clinically proven to permanently cure bedwetting. Developed over 30 years, they are easy to use, durable, safe and reliable. Multiple models are available including wearable, wireless and a bed-mat version.

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