Malem® Bedwetting Alarm M024 Deluxe Recordable Wearable

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Key Features

The Malem MO24 Deluxe Alarm = Sound + Vibrate + Record + Flashing Light Alarm – Mulberry Colour.

Designed to wake the deepest sleepers. 

Cure bedwetting with Malem’s compact, wearable model with a **combination of a recorded message and alarm sound – when activated an alarm sound plays first followed by a recorded message to maximise the alarms effectiveness.

You can select between a single or 8 sequential tones or you can record a message. A familiar voice is very effective at waking up children. 

Can be programmed for Sound and Vibration, Sound Only or Vibration Only.

Sounds or vibrates with flashing light continuously until the sensor is removed from the wet underwear and the preset button is pressed.

Supplied with your choice of either an Easy-Clip,  Standard or Bed-Mat sensor, batteries, instructions for use and a chart to track progress.

Weighs only 66g including batteries and measures 57x55x22mm.

** The research undertaken by the Dundee University Study into Children waking to standard Fire Alarm Tones identified that the combination of an alarm sound combined with a voice recording was significantly more effective (75%) in waking a sleeping child when compared with sound only (28%).



Alarm Sounds

  • If using the Easy-Clip or Standard Sensor, this lightweight alarm is attached to the shoulder area of the pyjama top. The sensor cord plug is connected to the alarm and then looped inside the pyjama top. Depending on the sensor selected, it is either attached to or inserted into the underwear in the area most likely to become damp first
  • The alarm is triggered when the sensor detects urine. The child needs to wake up to consciously stop urinating and go to the bathroom. The alarm stops when the sensor is disconnected and the reset button on the wearable alarm is pressed Parents/carers will need to assist initially in this process, when they hear the alarm
  • Sensor Choice 1 - the clip on the advanced 'Easy-Clip' sensor has jaws which simply clamp onto underwear material
  • Sensor Choice 2 - the Standard sensor has a plate which is inserted between two layers of clothing or an absorbent pad close to the area of urine flow and can be secured with the crocodile clip adjacent to the sensor. Neither the crocodile clip or sensor plate must be in direct contact with the skin, for it to function effectively
  • Sensor Choice 3 - The Bed-Mat Sensor is placed on the base sheet and the alarm placed near the pillow.
  • Compatible with Malem Standard, Easy Clip and Bed-Mat Sensors
  • Wearable alarm - except when combined with the Bed-Mat Sensor
  • Compact size - 57x55x22mm approximately
  • Weight 66g including batteries (2 x AAA)
  • Comes with a user-friendly Instruction Book & Progress Chart
  • Malem Alarms come with a 6 month guarantee - please Terms & Conditions for complete details
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About our range

Award winning Malem Alarms are clinically proven to cure bedwetting. Easy to use, safe and reliable. A wide variety of models is available to meet the specific needs of any user.

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