Malem® Bedwetting Alarm M012 Wireless


Key Features

  • A compact wireless alarm with 8 random or selectable auditory tones and a flashing light
  • It comprises a transmitter and a receiver that communicate wirelessly with each other
  • The alarm has volume control and an additional receiver can be purchased separately for the parents room
  • The lightweight transmitter is magnetically clipped to the underwear waistband.
  • There is a short cord from the transmitter to an advanced ‘Easy-Clip’ sensor. 

Alarm Sounds

  • The Easy Clip Sensor has jaws which simply clamp onto the underwear in the area most likely to become damp first
  • The separate receiver is placed in the same room as the child, positioned so that the child must wake up and get out of bed to switch it off.
  • The alarm is triggered when the sensor detects urine. The child needs to wake up, as soon as urination starts, to consciously stop and go to the bathroom. The alarm stops when the sensor is disconnected and the reset button on the top of the alarm receiver is pressed. Parents/carers will need to assist initially in this process, when they hear the alarm.
  • 2 x AA alkaline batteries for the receiver, 1 x 23AE 12V battery for the transmitter and 1 x spare battery for the transmitter are supplied. Under normal use the batteries should last the duration of the treatment. (A continuous alarm will drain the batteries within 60 minutes.)
  • Malem Alarms come with a 6 month guarantee - please see Terms & Conditions for complete details
  • Comes with user-friendly Instruction Book & Progress Chart
  • For complete mattress and bedding protection see our range of bed pads and fitted mattress protectors.

About our range

Award winning Malem Alarms are clinically proven to cure bedwetting. Easy to use, safe and reliable. A wide variety of models is available to meet the specific needs of any user.

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