Medline®Ultrasorbs Advanced+ Premium Absorbent Underpads

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Key Features

Medline Ultrasorbs® Advanced+ Premium Absorbent Underpads – Disposable have advanced technology, strength, air permeability and dry-to-the-touch feel.

*Clinically proven to maintain skin integrity to help avoid pressure ulcer development.

ULTRASORB2436 (60x91cm) absorbs 1700mls; ULTRASORB3136 (79x91cm) absorbs 2075mls

Available in two sizes:

  • 61x91cm 1700mls
    • Pack of 10 pieces
    • Carton of 70 pieces
  • 79x91cms 2075mls
    • Pack of 10 pieces
    • Carton of 40 pieces
  • Patented# SuperCore draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin and feels dry to the touch in just minutes
  • AquaShield film provides leakage protection that means fewer linen changes
  • Lies flat when wet thanks to SuperCore technology, without bunching, swelling or disintegrating
  • Air permeable for better skin health and added comfort
  • The only dry pad available that offers fold-over edges to reduce leakage and improve containment
  • *Ref:Shannon,R LaJoie,J Economic Impact of Ultrasorbs AP absorbent Pads in Prevention of Hospital acquired pressure ulcers, Global Health Economic Projects,LLC & New York Methodist Hospital Brooklyn March 2009; # Manufactured under US patent number 6,675,702

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