B Braun® Diveen Intravaginal Device to Prevent Stress Incontinence Leakage

Introducing a safe & effective, non-surgical management solution for women

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Key Features

Introducing Diveen, the innovative intravaginal device that is a non-surgical, non invasive and discreet treatment for stress incontinence and mixed urinary incontinence.

Clinically proven efficacy, Diveen® is a patented device which represents a conservative, safe and effective, non-surgical management solution.

Diveen is a unique mechanism enabling significant reduction of the risk of urine leakages providing 100% discreet protection.

Diveen is worn in the vagina, just like a tampon and helps prevent urine leakage caused by stress incontinence, It gently supports the vaginal wall and bladder neck, giving extra support to a. weak pelvic floor.

Made from a biocompatible material, it provides 12 hours of incontinence control to enjoy physical activity with total peace of mind.

Remove the device at night after one day of use.

Easy to use, similar to a tampon. No need to remove Diveen during the day, even when going to the toilet.

Discreet and efficient, Diveen is an innovative and patented concept.

Which Size if Right for You? If you are new to Diveen it is best to order a starter pack (Set) at first to help you decide on size. A starter pack includes two devices, one small, one medium plus an applicator.



  • Diveen has been designed to support the anterior vaginal wall in the area below the bladder neck.
  • During an effort such as coughing and sneezing, the intra-abdominal pressure suddenly rises and generates a peak of pressure which transmits itself via the bladder on the flexible ring of Diveen.
  • This in turn causes the rigid part of the device to move upwards, thus supporting the urethra and reducing significantly the incidence of urine leakages.
  • Available in a Pack of 5 in Small and Medium Sizes (with an Applicator) and a (Starter Pack) Set of 1 Small, 1 Medium (and an Applicator)
  • Diveen can be re-used once

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