Medline® HeelMedix Advanced Heel Protector Boot with Stabilising Wedge


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Key Features

The Heelmedix Heel Protector W/ Wedge Standard offers All-in-One Pressure Relief & Skin Protection. It completely offloads the heel and helps redistribute pressure.  Open heel design allows for airflow and easy monitoring. Grey straps pull down on sides to help protect against foot drop. The wedge can be used to help prevent medical & lateral rotation. Standard W/Wedge fits Calf circumference 27.9-48.2cm. 

  • Screen printing of 'toes' and 'heel' eliminates confusion to ensure the boot is applied properly
  • Patented side hole design minimises chance of tubing touching patient's skin
  • Inner lining helps reduce friction and sheaer
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatment which helps to inhibit odour-causing bacteria
  • While the HeelMedix is not waterproof, the nylon & polyester exterior is durable and easy to clean either by hand or damp washcloth or cleaning wipes or gentle wash in washing machine.
  • Includes a mesh laundry bag to simplify washing and sorting
  • Includes Instructions for Use and Care Instructions

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