Malem® Vibro-Watch S (M022) Sound + Vibrate


Key Features

  • The Malem Vibro-Watch S is a digital multi-function watch with optional alarm settings including Silent Vibration, Sound, Sound & Vibration
  • Designed to gently vibrate or sound and remind a child to use the toilet, timed voiding, bladder emptying, medication & behavioural modification
  • It can be programmed to vibrate up to 12 specific times or programmed to vibrate at fixed intervals, such as every two hours
  • Periodic Auto-Repeat alarm - between 1 minute to 23:59 hours
  • Electroluminescence backlight effective for use at night
  • It features a real time display in hours (12/24 am,pm), minutes, seconds, date or day of the week
  • It also has a stop watch feature
  • Accidental change of settings, programs, reminders is prevented by a lock mechanism
  • The built in memory function ensures settings are saved even after changing the battery
  • The face diameter of the watch is 25.2mm and the strap length is 210mm; it weighs 19g
  • Batteries included - 1 X CR-1632; easily replaced using key provided or a coin to open battery cover

About our range

Award winning Malem Alarms are clinically proven to cure bedwetting. Easy to use, safe and reliable. A wide variety of models is available to meet the specific needs of any user.

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