Aleva® Kid’s Bed Pad Washable

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  • Absorbs 2L, 85x90cm
  • Absorbs 2.6L, 1x1m + Wings
  • Absorbs 3L, 1x1m + Wings

Key Features

Aleva Kids Bed Pads keep sheets & mattress dry while toilet training or bedwetting

  • Absorbs 2L, 85x90cm
    • Recommended for medium incontinence requirements with high 2.6 litre/ m² absorption capacity
    • 4 functional laminated layers ensure your comfort
    • 85x90cm in size with shrinkage-free & wrinkle-free bound edge
  • Absorbs 2.6L, 1x1m + Wings
    • Recommended for medium incontinence requirements with high 2.6 litre absorption capacity/ m²
    • 4 functional laminated layers ensure your comfort
    • 1x1m in size with tuck-in wings
  • Absorbs 3L, 1x1m + Wings
    • Recommended for heavy incontinence requirements with superior 3 litre absorption capacity/ m²
    • 5 functional laminated layers ensure your comfort
    • 1x1m in size with tuck-in wings
  • Breathable, waterproof, antibacterial & dust mite proof
  • Upper layers quickly transfer liquids to the lower layers, leaving the uppermost surface dry within a few minutes 
  • Liquids are locked between the lower layers by a breathable polyurethane waterproof barrier 
  • Mattresses are protected
  • Plus a healthy airflow is maintained preventing bed sores and decubitus wounds 
  • Lightweight and can be washed, tumble or line dried - the absorption capacity of the bed pads actually increases with use
  • Certified under the global Oeko-Tex ® 100 Standard and are PVC and Phthalate-free
  •  You can sleep directly on Aleva's bed pads and for added protection place them over our mattress protectors.

Size Guide

Aleva Bed Pad14010045cm Wings4 litres
Aleva Bed Pad10010045cm Wings3 litres
Aleva Bed Pad10010045cm Wings2.6 litres
Aleva Bed Pad8590Bound Edge2 litres

Care Guide

All Washable Bedding & Chair Products

Wash either by hand or in a domestic washing machine up to a maximum wash temperature of 90°C.

Line dry or tumble dry up to a *maximum 60°C (low heat setting only)

Use a regular, neutral pH washing powder

DO NOT iron or dry clean

DO NOT USE **Fabric Softeners, Bleach or Solvents

We recommend that you wash bed and chair pads before use to maximise absorbency.

Easywipe Mattress & Pillow Protectors are designed to be simply wiped down to remove spills and fluids to maintain hygiene.

First use a paper towel to remove any heavy spills.

A damp cloth, mild detergent, alcohol wipe, cleaning agent and/or suitable disinfectant can be applied as required.

Dry with a soft cloth.

Easywipe Protectors can also be laundered as above.

Easywipe protectors can be autoclaved (if used in a high-care facility).

*Higher temperatures will damage the polyurethane waterproof membrane
**Will reduce absorbency & waterproofing

About our range

Technically advanced and environmentally sensitive bed & chair pad textiles providing high levels of protection and comfort for bedding and seating

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