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Mattress & Pillow Protectors
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Mattress & Pillow Protectors

Aleva waterproof mattress protectors keep your mattress dry and stain-free

Waterproof Fitted Covers

Available in Australian standard bed sizes, including single, king single, double, queen and king. Choose from Penpu®  - fine cotton stretch jersey or Silverline®  -  terry cotton weave with antistatic and permanently antibacterial silver yarn. Both are laminated with a soft breathable polyurethane waterproof membrane to effectively protect the sleeping surface of the mattress and feature elasticised fitted skirts.

Waterproof, zippered encasement covers

Hospital grade barrier to urine and blood. The Caretex® Easywipe protector incorporates advanced technology to provide a wipe down polyurethane (PU) coated jersey cover that protects the user from mites and bacteria and the mattress from stains and liquid. The unique two-way breathable stretch fabric forms with the body to avoid micro wrinkles reducing the potential for pressure sores.

Waterproof, zippered pillow protector

The Penpu® cotton pillow protector is waterproofed with a breathable polyurethane membrane, has a zippered closure and is available in standard pillow size.

Aleva's mattress protectors are free from harmful chemicals as certified by the  Oeko-Tex ® 100 Standard.  They contain no PVC and are phthalate free.

For both absorbent and waterproof protection see our range of bed pads.


    3+ Bed Pads Saving

    Save 10% when you buy (3) or more of the same bed pad - discount applied at checkout

    3+ Bed Pads Saving

    Save 10% when you buy (3) or more of the same bed pad - discount applied at checkout

Available in all Australian standard bed sizes, Aleva's cotton fitted mattress protectors & zippered pillow protectors keep mattresses/pillows dry & stain free. For complete protection from all liquids, see hospital-grade Easywipe PU encasements.

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