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Kids Toilet Training Solutions
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Kids Toilet Training Solutions

  • Couldn't believe how dry it was!!!

    We were recently selected to review the bed pads. Our 4 year old son is perfectly toilet trained by day, yet still in pull ups at night. We explained what the pad was for and he was very excited to wear big boy undies to bed. So we went for it, unfortunately with him being such a heavy sleeper I can't see him waking up to go to the toilet anytime soon. And yes, he had wet the bed. The only evidence of this was his wet pyjamas. The pad was completely dry!! A bit smelly, but totally dry! And he sleeps on his stomach! His sheets and mattress were also completely dry and smell free. I was very impressed. I think these pads will get a lot of use in our house as we continue to attempt night time toilet training with a 3 year old and 4 year old boy! I think they will also come in handy for nights when the kids have gastro as that can often lead to a mess in the bed. Great product, definitely will recommend to family and friends!!

    Natalie House Kidspot 'Mums Say' Review

  • Holds a Lot!

    We have been toilet training at night for a while now and have always had to double up with protectors. These were great nothing went through and I even cheated and put it on top of the sheets and as a bonus he didn't even wet the bed last night! They are great to wash and quick drying as well and great to just pull off the side with those extra long tabs which also make it a quick change over. 

    Janessa McLean Kidspot 'Mums Say' Review

  • Easy to wash and dry

    We used the Aleva bed pads to help toilet train our toddlers overnight. We had great success and found the bed pads to be extremely absorbent, durable & importantly easy to wash and dry. Iam very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to family and friends

    Tory H - mother of two toddlers

  • I just wanted to thank you for such fantastic products

    We have two boys, 4 and 5 with the older one almost fully toilet trained with the odd accident at night. Your pads have saved us so much time, effort and stress with the washing greatly reduced and the mattress staying dry! Thanks again.

    Paul Michailidis

  • Very sensitive skin-friendly

    'I'm currently using the mattress protector and bed pads whilst toilet training my son at night and they're working really well. Every accident is completely contained and I love that I can just put them in the washing machine and dryer. I also love how nice and soft they feel, and that they are 'skin friendly' and free of harmful chemicals. My son has eczema and very sensitive skin so that is really important to me. I'd highly recommend both these products.'


    Rylie F. Mother of two toddlers

    3+ Bed Pads Saving

    Save 10% when you buy (3) or more of the same bed pad - discount applied at checkout

    3+ Bed Pads Saving

    Save 10% when you buy (3) or more of the same bed pad - discount applied at checkout

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