Aleva is a NDIS registered provider. We offer consumables and continence products that are funded under the NDIS, including reusable absorbent & waterproof bed and chair pads and underwear; waterproof mattress protectors and encasements, bedwetting alarms and skincare.


Choice & Control

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, NDIS, provides lifetime funding support for people with a permanent and significant disability. It is a new way of providing individual support. It is designed to give choice and control over the supports needed to achieve an individual’s life goals and aspirations.


Who is eligible?

The NDIS is progressively being rolled out throughout Australia and will provide complete national coverage by the end of 2019. Everything you need to know about the NDIS, including eligibility, how to apply and what supports are funded is available at

How are continence products and aids funded under the NDIS?

If your continence issues are due to your disability, your continence products and aids should be supplied through your NDIS plan, so ensure you include them in your plan.

I have an approved NDIS plan 

Can I use NDIS funding to buy Aleva products?

Aleva is a NDIS registered provider and can supply assistive products for personal care and safety on a national basis.  If your goals include Daily Living then our products will help you achieve those goals. The Daily Living NDIS support categories Aleva provides, include consumables such as washable incontinence products for adults and children, washable absorbent and waterproof underwear, washable bed and chair protectors, waterproof beds/mattresses, incontinence alarms and skin care.

My NDIS plan is Agency Managed (by the NDIA)

To order products please phone us on 02 4465 1888 or email [email protected]. We will complete the service delivery and seek payment from your budget from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

 My NDIS plan is self-managed

Place your order and pay on line via credit card or paypal or order and pay via credit card via a telephone order. You will then arrange reimbursement from the NDIA.

 My NDIS plan is managed by a registered Plan Management Provider

Your Support Co-Ordinator orders and pays on-line or via a telephone order and then seeks reimbursement directly from the NDIA.